Welcome to One Man Book Club!

Your home for age and content appropriate book recommendations!

Looking for a great book to read?

Looking for a great book for your kids to read, but want to make sure it’s age and content appropriate?

Looking for a great book to read, but you don’t want to be surprised by the sex, language, or violence?

You’re in the right place!

Looking for romance novel reviews?

Ew. Nope. Wrong place.* You want to be Here.

*Books about romance are barf. Books about anything else that includes a romantic relationship? Totally different. You’ll find plenty of those here.

Find your books!

There are nearly 600 books and 250 authors represented in my database, with more added weekly. I bet you’ll find something great!

Use the tools to the right (or below if you’re on mobile) to find my book recommendations by age, or just search by title or author to see what I thought of the book you’re interested in.

Remember when browsing by age, don’t forget to explore the books in the younger categories too!

Looking for a recommendation but don’t have time to read the reviews? Check out the abbreviated lists are here:

Books I love
My Favorites for 10 and under
My favorites for 10 and up
My favorites for 12 and up
My favorites for 14 and up
My favorites for 16 and up
My favorites for 18 and up
Books I hate

It’s not there?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send me a note or leave me a comment and I’ll check it out. Odds are I’ll have an opinion about it.

Happy Reading!


  1. One Man Book Club

    Goodreads is a free website that allows you to organize the books you want to read and have read. It’s also a great resource for researching books and reading what others think about them. But of course it’s not necessary!

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